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Hello Mentors,

I have been very busy getting the podcast up and going.  The first one was published last week. I had a wonderful conversation withe David Boulton, world renown educator, producer, researcher, developer of all things related to working with struggling students. The podcast is called Mentorships in Education and is sponsored by my business, Just Education, LL at justeducationfirst.com.

I encourage you to visit his website at learningstudards.org and read about the amazing work he has done and is doing.  Check out Magic Ladders and then go to childrenofthecode.org and view the videos on working with students with experts in the field from all over the world.  If you have not heard of him, please let me know what you think of the information you have learned.

And please listen to my conversation with David at http://www.buzzsprout.com/251698/939602-mentorships-in-education-with-david-boulton

My goal is to provide a free forum for the dissemination of pertinent information to help parents, teachers and all professionals who are working with struggling students.  We have such a wealth of information available to us, but it is all spread out and sometimes we don't know the right "key words" to find direction.  I hope this site will provide mentors with a foundation of information so you can then pursue the subject with the support staff around you.

All of the individuals you will hear from are volunteering their time to inform and direct us.  This will be a free site without any goals to profit in any way.  I will be financing the process.  I have hired a producer and a tech support person.

I hope you will share your thoughts, feelings, support and criticisms so I may improve as I develop the site.

Thanks to all the mentors for all they do.


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