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Blog #8- Homework: final episode If you have had the discussion with your student and taken a week or so to brainstorm some approaches to support the homework struggle,  and agreed on what approaches would be best to address first, you will be ready for the next step; Initiating the plan. Please keep in mind that this entire process is non-confrontational.  Use Socratic questioning described is an earlier blog.  Without attacking faulty reasoning, ask for the thought process that supports the conclusions.  Make an attempt to understand the reasoning behind the conclusions.  No meaningful change happens without a buy-in.  Allowing your student to be part of the planning and decision-making process is the buy-in needed for long term changes. Possible choices for long term solutions:       Creating a study area;   A study area does not need to be in the bedroom.  If a student shares a room or if the room is too small, think about making a study space in the hall or in the