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January 2019,   Blog Two Do you know where the word “discipline” comes from?   It came from the word “disciple” which means a follower; one who believes in the teachings and wants to   learn..   In my mind, our children are like our disciples and when we apply discipline, we should be teaching them our values and priorities.   I am not sure how the word came to be equated with punishment.   But it didn’t start out that way. On the other hand, going into long explanations is not supportive of the learning process.   In fact, kids of all ages stop listening after the first few sentences and we lose them.   All they hear is "Bla, Bla, Bla".  So where is the productive middle between shouting out a punishment   or a threat for repeated   offences and spending time after each event reviewing the logic behind the requirement. I think we can all agree that if the behavior does not stop after threatening punishment or after instituting a punishment, the consequence of the ac
Blog January 2019 Welcome back everyone! I hope you had a special holiday season filled with good food and those you love. We are going to pick up this year by extending some of the topics that were introduced last year.   One way I will do that is to introduce a new component to our menu.   I will be starting to do podcasting by the end of the month.   I will be speaking to professionals around the country and the world who are graciously offering their time.   The varied topics will be of interest to parents, teachers, students and anyone who works with students.    I have always had a dream to make professionals available without the high hourly rates.   We have such a wealth of information available to us, but often it is expensive to access it.   I hope to provide a forum for knowledgeable and respected experts to introduce themselves, share their views and provide a basis of information, so that we can then move forward and explore the topics on our own.   We can access t