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Blog #7 Homework Saga , Continued I recently  found this and felt it was too good not to share given our current topic.   The Parent's Homework Prayer Homework and I have irreconcilable differences. Please grant me the serenity to accept the Homework I can not change .......the courage to support my child to complete it the best I can   .....and the strength to finish it without either of us ending up in a body bag.    My guess is that, as parents, we have experienced these thoughts on more than one occasion.   Let's review the first step, from the previous Blog, in addressing homework issues: Step one A -Mention to your student your concerns about homework and any observations you have on this topic.  Share any communications from the teachers that relate.  Ask your student his/her perspective on the topic.   If the student does not agree that homework is a struggle, ask for their interpretation of the information you shared (your obser

Stop telling me what to do!

My "Summer" break lasted a little longer than I had planned.  Unexpected events took priority and extra time. October is a good time, actually, to begin addressing some important issues. Homework is always a big concern about this time of year as teachers and parents grapple with kids who are not, for whatever reason, successful in following through with their home responsibilities. I thought I would start this year's blogs by putting out some tips for parents so they can better communicate with their students in a  non-confrontational discussion to collaborate on how they can move forward and address some of the issues at hand. The worst approach is to point the finger and tell your student what they should and should not be doing.  If your boss did that at work to you, what would your response be to him?  I probably can't print it here.😊 The first step:   to agree on and define the problem.   I would suggest mentioning to your student that you have noti